Sunday, June 29, 2014

Having Fun with Teaching

One of the things that has been enjoyable about the time doing the Kid's Camp (VBS) is watching the Haitian translators do their thing. I think one in particular "found his calling" with kids. He is amazing! His name is Savelle (I think I spelled that right) and he has a way of working with the kids that we could have hoped for and God totally supplied abundantly (the other translators, Lindell and Pastor Joseph, also did great).

The picture above doesn't show our two translators but it does show the puppets they were using. We actually just gave them our script and they went to work conveying the ideas in Creole much better than we could, voices included!

Thanks goes to Diana Enkelis, Director of Children's Ministry at GBC, for working diligently on the scripts (in English, of course). We had four days of lessons and our Haitian translators performed them each day. I (Reid) was teaching the older kids (13-15 years old) and had to resort to letting them watch the puppet show which was apparently much more interesting than the way I was teaching them. :)

The kids also had lots of fun with the crafts and games that we were able to take with us. Crayons are not something they get to have. You should have heard the gleeful squeals when they ran under the parachute too!

Such a joy to bring joy to these kids in unexpected ways. It was also fun to see some of the parents join in too. Who says crafts are just for kids?

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