Saturday, June 28, 2014

Arrival and Set Up

We're here! We arrived in Port au Prince on Sunday at 9:30. Going through customs took quite a while, but wasn't complicated. We loaded up four vehicles with luggage and people. Pastor Riccardo took us to his house where some of the women had prepared us a meal of porridge, watermelon, bananas and the most delicious pineapple I have ever tasted.

After our meal, we loaded up the vehicles again and headed up to the property. One car got stuck about halfway up the mountain. The weight of the luggage and people was just too much to make it up the steepest part of the rocky dirt road. (I was in that car. We arrived at the property about two hours later, after they had sent another car back to get us.)

Guess what we did when we got here? We ate! :) And greeted the crew of four that had come early to prepare for the needs of our team. After our meal, we set up camp . In the photo below, you will see that we set up a pvc pipe structure and covered it with a huge tarp.

Bedtime was fairly early. We were so exhausted, most of us slept quite well.

Monday, we took things kind of slow. Our taxing travel schedule (ever tried sleeping overnight in an airport with lights on and tv blaring?), and adjusting to the climate had us all moving slower than usual.

We separated VBS materials from donated clothing and moved our personal bags down to our set up. It is about a 1/4 mile walk from our camp to the USAID building, where we are currently eating, hanging out and having VBS. We rested, and played with lots of kids.

Monday evening, there was a fearsome thunderstorm and deluge. It was more magnificent than anything any of us had ever experienced. It was very exciting! Lots of lightning and thunder. And what a downpour!

Unfortunately our structure could not withstand the winds, and it took all of us and several of our gracious Haitian hosts to remedy the situation. We had to shout to be heard above the noise of the storm. We removed the pvc pipe structure and staked the tarp down just over the tents to keep the rain out. Several of us grabbed soap and "showered" in the rain. Yep. It was like a shower head. Not even cold!

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