Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Life in the Third World

Well, our first full day in Haiti brought the realization that we needed additional materials that we weren't able to bring with us and hadn't sent ahead last time. No surprises there. After all, that is often life in a third world country. So, Pastor Riccardo, Ralph Koozer, and I headed back in to Port au Prince to get the supplies that we needed. We had made it successfully to the property near Saut d'Eau on Sunday after arriving first thing in the morning, along with all 17 of our bags!

Once at the property, we were even able to mark out the irrigation line from the SAPKO building where we are staying (operated by friend of the Haiti Christian Foundation of the Good Seed, Mr. Blaise Aime). It was even shorter than we had hoped (I had measured it from Google Maps before we sent the materials with the crate the prior year but didn't have opportunity to measure it more accurately). We also removed the pump from the well since it wasn't working and we were planning to replace it anyway. We found at that time that the wire to the pump was bad and had likely caused a fault which is why the pump wouldn't work properly. Wire was one thing that we didn't bring along with us so off we went to the capital city.

Kim and Tom stayed to begin work on the trench and water lines which were well underway when we returned late in the afternoon. Travel into the capital city is often plagued with issues related to the vehicles which take a pounding on the roads here. Last year, we joked that we could expect at least one flat tire on every trip. This time, it was not just the tail pipe but the whole muffler. ;)

We made our way slowly back to the property. We did get to stop at the market at Camisho and get some vegetables and fruit as well as a goat who was protesting loudly about being tied to the roof of the car.

We returned in time for dinner and then had our first prayer service that evening. If you have been to a service anywhere in the Third World, you likely have experienced that more people come after the singing starts and that is exactly what happened this time too. There were around 30 people there, mostly children so I adjusted my message to talk about how Jesus has more power than any other person that they might have seen before. Many kids responded to having seen miracles before, not all of them performed in the power of the Holy Spirit. I spoke from Mark 4 where Jesus calms the storm immediately. This was no mere stopping of the wind. He brought about immediate calm showing that he has complete control of the elements, particularly because he is the one who created them! Not only does he possess that power but he calls all of us to believe in him, just as he called his disciples to do.


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