Saturday, February 1, 2014

Adventures in Traveling

No matter how much you plan, there is always room for anomalies. We had a number of planning meetings in which we accounted for all of our tools and supplies.

However, when we showed up to do final packing to head to the airport, we had two extra bags packed so we could take as much of the clothing that had been donated as possible. In the end, we decided to leave one behind so we loaded the car with 13 bags between the four of us and anticipate reasonable baggage fees upon checkin at the airport. We took opportunity to pray together as a group and headed to the airport.

Once at the airport, we unloaded all of our luggage and Carrie drove away. We checked in our bags and learned that any bags beyond two per person are subject to excess baggage fees for international flights. So much for all of the changing rules with our airlines. Now, we had been planning on paying baggage fees already and thought we would have one additional bag. This change was something that those of us who have been traveling for some time didn't anticipate. Excess fees doesn't mean $25 per bag; it means $150 per bag. Now we had a decision to make. Do we repack our bags, call Carrie and ask her to come pick up the extras that we can't take now?; do we pay the extra fees that we weren't anticipating?; we even checked to see what the upgrade cost to first class would be to have the additional baggage fees included (way too much!).

The attendant asked his manager to assist with our checkin and he was helping check on some options for us. I had mentioned that this was an enormous cost for us to take donated clothing and supplies with us. However, the manager hadn't overheard that. Tom remarked that we shouldn't have packed all of the kids clothes and the manager asked, "Is this a missionary trip?" to which we replied, "Yes!" He then informed us that they allow up to four bags per person and up to 70 lbs each for free! Praise God!

Now, we wished we had brought the 14th bag with us that we left at home this time. :)

Location:Portland, OR


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