Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Hard Day's Work

Remember that protesting goat? Well, he protested all night long. So much for the sound sleep that we needed. You may think us harsh but we were happy that he became dinner for us today. No more protests. Delicious too! :)

We are working with five Haitians to help us dig the trench to the property—about 900-1000 feet. You can see from the picture at the right that they are well on their way (particularly since we are hoping for 3 feet deep and this is very rocky, clay soil). They do enjoy taking their breaks though. ;)

Ralph was also able to get the new pump ready to install. He and Tom rigged a makeshift cable loop since we couldn't find any stainless steel cable in PAP (we did, however, find SS fishing line, go figure). Wired up and all set to go with the new wire that we purchased in PAP on Monday.

We installed the pump and ran all of the pipe and wire in addition to several hundred feet of pipe for the irrigation system. Kim and I crawled on the roof of the building and did initial installation of brackets for new solar panels that we plan to install (we'll add a picture of the finished product later).

We would appreciate prayer for Ralph to diagnose the electrical system issues that are preventing us from operating the new pump. We want to get the water flowing again (and a shower would be wonderful!). We will hope for good progress on that on Wednesday.

In the evening services, we are each taking turns delivering a message. More people arrived our second night; perhaps 50. Lots of kids again. Pastor Riccardo is intentional to tell them about the Kid's Camp (aka VBS) that we will have at the property this summer in June when our next trip is planned for GBC (I am looking forward to a great group, particularly of our youth and some parents, who can meet these wonderful people and themselves be changed in the process.

Tonight, Tom delivered the message about doing what God calls us to do, even when we are afraid. Both Moses and Peter were examples. Moses didn't want to lead God's people out of Egypt. Peter denied Christ three times but he still followed Christ after he was forgiven. There are many people who encourage us to follow Christ who are answers to our prayers for support from God. Tom called these people, particularly the kids to follow Jesus and pray for God's strength to do so, perhaps from the people right next to you. He also called the kids to encourage others to come to the Kid's Camp we will be having this summer. We finished the night with singing, the likes of which you may have rarely seen! :)

Location:Saut D'Eau, Haiti

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