Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday, Day 3: Dead In The Water

By: Cameron Kisling

Today was another trip into Port-au-Prince, though I didn't go this time. The people who did go managed to find more parts that we needed, but still not all. They also checked on the ever elusive crate. It MIGHT be released Friday, right before we leave. We will probably connect the pipe above the ground, and after we leave the Haitians will dig and install. The trip team also managed to break off the tail pipe again.
The rest of the team stayed at the shelter. We found a circular loop of PVC and played basketball. We played poker with candy for chips. And the kids can't get enough of Dad's iPad. Even as I'm typing this, they are sitting next to me, entranced.
The food is delicious. We had more of Dinner for dinner tonight. Riccardo's wife works all day preparing dinner for us, and is so nice to look out for my allergy needs and Ralph's diabetes. One thing's for sure, we won't want for food.
I forgot to talk about the worship services in the last post. Man they are awesome. While they sing, they're dancing and clapping and singing at the top of their lungs. And what cool is that more than half of the attendees are children or teenagers. Last night Dad spoke about how "You reap what you sow." Tonight Kim shared his testimony (and two kids accepted Jesus), and tomorrow Jeff will be speaking.
Please pray again that the crate will be released, and that we can get everything to work.

Location:Saut d'Eau, Haiti

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  1. Love reading the updates! Good job Cam! Praying with you for the crates to be released, and hopefully the tail pipe will stay on for the rest of the trip! ;-)

    Tammy Boring