Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday, Day 2: Parts and Pieces

By: Cameron Kisling

Tuesday I woke up to about 30 bug bites, with 20 of them on my right arm. Thankfully Annette had some anti-itch cream. After breakfast, Dad, Kim, Riccardo, and I went into Port-au-Prince to find some parts to make up for the crate not being available. We went to the Eko Depot, the Haitian version of Home Depot. They didn't have everything we needed, so some of us had to go into town today. (I'm writing this on Wednesday night.) Then we stopped by the grocery store. We found some cards and candy, for poker and poker chips, and got some water (it's amazing how much we go through, with all the heat) and Haitian Wonder Bread. We also stopped by Pastor Riccardo's house to pick up some things.
On the way to the city, the tail pipe broke off at the weld, and we got a flat. I learned how to change a tire, and that you can get a tailpipe welded back on for 7 US Dollars! We also stopped and got a "coca" (Coca-Cola) which is much better than the ones at home because they're made with real cane sugar.
We got back, and I played with the kids with the basketball we bought. It's a basketball, soccer ball, bowling ball, and others all rolled into one! We also had some Dinner. Goat is really delicious. As are the mangoes. We also went out to the property to plan out where the pipe will go once the crate is released.

Please pray that the crate will be released, and that we make it home safe.

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