Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thursday, Day 4: The 4th

By: Cameron Kisling

It's kind of weird not celebrating the Fourth of July. Here our fireworks are the flashes of lightning in the distance. If I stretch my imagination far enough, I can imagine that these purplish bursts of light are really fireworks in Florida, and are surprisingly visible here in Haiti. Anyway, happy Independence Day!
Today we actually got something done. We fixed the water pump in the well, and filled up the tank with water. Kim also installed a shower, and has become the most popular member of the team since. It has been in use constantly ever since it was finished. Other than that, nothing else really happened.
I helped Blaise, the guy who runs the USAID place, with his English today. I also enjoyed more Dinner.
Please pray that the crate will be released tomorrow, because I don't know what we'll do if it isn't. And pray for a safe trip home on Sunday.

Update by Reid:
We weren't able to do much today that was part of our original plans. However, lots was accomplished. We found out that the pump in the well at the USAID building (the well that we will pull water from for the property) wasn't working, due to lack of power to it. Ralph diagnosed one problem which was that it was wired for 110V power but was actually 220V. He found out yesterday that the pump capacitor was bad so we were able to get one in PAP when we went to town yesterday (again, not part of the original plan). So, we did a lot of wiring work and also got the diesel generator onsite working. Once we cranked it up and plugged in the pump water flowed!!! We realized that there was a leak in the pipe (kinda happens when you farm too closely to the pipe and the pipe is only buried 6" deep).

One of the best results of all of the work today is the kind of relationships that we fostered because of the work. Blaise, who operates the USAID export building where we have been staying and using their water, was extremely excited about the pump and the generator. In fact, he said that the work we did today would have cost them around $2000 USD. Needless to say, they were very pleased. He also indicated that all of the other members of their organization were interested in formalizing a relationship between Pastor Riccardo's new foundation at the property and their organization. That relationship was already there with Blaise but the work we were able to do today helped develop that with the other members of their organization and lay a platform for further ministry to the community in the future.

Tomorrow, we will consider how we might continue the remaining work that needs to be done and setup the process for future development of the irrigation project whenever the crate might arrive. Thanks for your prayers and support.

Location:Saut d'Eau, HAITI

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