Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday, Day 1: Arrival

BY: Cameron Kisling

We left Portland at about 6 PM Pacific Time on Sunday and flew to LAX. In LA, We had 20 minutes to get from one plane to another, and we had to go through security a second time. Thanks to Jesus that while we were in that infinitely long line, a TSA person removed the barrier right in front of us to form a second line, and we were the first ones. From La we went to Miami, where we met up with Josh and Kim. From there we went to Port-au-Prince.
Thank goodness all of our bags made it. Once we got them, we walked outside. As soon as we stepped out the door, a solid wall of heat and the smell of garbage hit us full in the face. And with that wall came a wave of people to force their help on you for money. You can push them away, but they won't leave you alone. They struggle to protect their "clients" from others who want the money. Some of them almost got into a fight. It was a good thing our rides got their after only 5 minutes (they were a bit late because the cars wouldn't start).
From there to Pastor Riccardo's house, and then on to Saut d'Eau. There was a goat hanging from the side of the truck with our bags in it, bleating all the way. We named him Dinner. When we arrived at the property (after walking a while up the steep parts of the road and where the van was too low to go over), we set up shop in a USAID station (close to the property) used to store mangoes, but it was empty. Thank goodness we have a roof over our heads.
Please pray that the crate with all our supplies arrives soon, and that we all stay well through the week. And thank God that we all made it here safely.

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