Friday, July 12, 2013

Final Days

Well, we returned safe and sound to Portland on Sunday night after a full day of travel. We left the guest house around 7:15 am to head to the airport in Port au Prince. Loaded a tap tap with all of the bags and Reghi came to pick us up in the van. The St. Gelus family also came to send us off, dressed for church and ready to head there after seeing us to the airport. We were grateful for the time to spend with these friends and also for the airplanes that would take us home.
The trip was very successful with the work that we were able to do and that meetings that we had in the evenings, even though we were ultimately unable to get access to the crate we had shipped. It should be available to Pastor Riccardo soon once clearing customs. He will then have it delivered to Saut d'eau and stored with our new friends at the SAPKO (USAID) building.

Speaking of those friends, Cameron posted about how we got the well pumping water again for them. That was more significant than we initially realized for several reasons. First, we couldn't have installed the rest of the irrigation system without having a working well. Second, the members of this organization were so thankful that we helped them out (with what they said would have cost over $2,000 US) that they offered to write an unlimited contract between their organization and the Haiti Christian Foundation of the Good Seed. That is one of the reasons they offered to store our crate until we return to complete the project. It's hard to estimate the benefit of the relationships we were able to develop during our trip, much simply by just being there and spending time with all of these people.
One of the things that surprised us when we arrived was that we had no idea that the pump didn't work. We found out (and that there was a break in their pipe because they had only buried it about 1-2" deep) once we arrived and started checking it out.
However, the work projects were not the sole focus of the trip. As has been mentioned, we had evangelistic meetings in the evenings as well. The last night, Josh McNeal preached. As is custom, there is lots of singing and most people know the songs. God was working here in this area and there were 25 people, mostly kids, who came forward to profess faith in Christ.

Such a great start to the church in this area.

The leaders at the SAPKO building have agreed to allow Pastor Riccardo and others to have prayer meetings every Friday evening at their site. The hope is to formally start the church in several weeks and there is now a temporary tent setup on the property to use in the future as well.

So, we were not able to complete all of the goals we had initially for this trip. However, we still accomplished some great things that God had planned for us anyway. We met some great people and established good relationships for many years to come. We also have firm plans for the next time that we are able to come, perhaps again in December to finish the irrigation project (which would be after the harvest when we wouldn't disturb anyone's crops when we dig the trench) and also again next summer when Pastor Riccardo desires to hold a "kids camp" (probably like a VBS) on the new property. Please pray about both of these opportunities. Perhaps God might call you to go and serve on one of these next trips.

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