Monday, June 17, 2013

Fun with International Shipping

Well, we packed the crate with lots of goods that we had gathered and received from many sources. We even received an 18' round by 4' tall pool that we can use as a cistern from a family in Vancouver who responded to our post on Craigslist (Thanks, Crystal!).

Kim Halstead (who is also going on the trip) and I worked on building the crate which turned out to be 4' wide x 4 1/2' high x 6' long. Thanks to Doug Woodard who helped us determine how it needed to be built to ship properly (Doug is a shipping expert that also helped us get the crate sent and just happens to be part of our community and a good friend). After all of our mad construction skills, check out the results.

Empty Crate Waiting to Be Filled

We then set to filling it with all of the stuff we had to send. We added the donated pool, (12) 100' rolls of 1" PEX pipe, a roll of both 3/4" and 1/2" PEX pipe, a booster pump, six solar panels and all their mounting hardware, a couple of tents, a large variety of drip irrigation tubing and parts (thanks to all who donated the stuff they had lying around that will be very helpful), and a variety of other tools and items we will use when we get there. Kim and I packed the crate that night and finished the whole process around 11:00pm.

Filled to the Brim

Then, we waited. The contact that we had received in Florida (that Doug had very carefully called several weeks before to verify) told Doug that he didn't have a forklift. Major problem. This crate turned out to weigh 1300 lbs. Now what? Plan B. Doug furiously worked to get another shipment option for us which took about a week. However, it was finally shipped on Monday, June 10 (thanks to Tom Donaldson and his delivery mid-day that day) and on its way to Florida to connect with a ship that should get it to Port au Prince in time to clear customs before our team arrives.

Filled Crate Waiting to Be Delivered

Thanks to everyone who has prayed for us to this point, who donated items to go into the crate, and who helped get the crate on its way!

Update (Friday, June 14): Well, Doug just called and said that the ship the crate was going to sail on was filled early and set sail. That's the way it goes in international shipping. The next ship is supposed to sail on June 23. That would put the crate in Port au Prince on June 30 which is the day our team leaves Oregon to travel to Haiti. It usually takes a few days to clear customs so that will be tight. Please pray that this ship also is filled early and leaves ahead of schedule. I (Reid) am arriving in PAP on June 28 and I would love to find out when I get there that the crate has arrived and cleared customs. God's timing is perfect so we will trust that He will direct us as He sees fit.

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