Thursday, June 27, 2013

From Hither and Yon

Well, we are just about on our way. Reid is heading down to Haiti today, along with three suitcases full of auto parts to help do some maintenance with parts that are difficult to locate locally. Kind of fun to get all of the bags to weigh in just under 50 lbs.! That's the first leg of our team.

The second leg is Josh and Kim who are currently doing hard labor in Flagstaff, AZ at Indian Bible College. The team there is making great progress on their projects this week. Josh and Kim fly from Phoenix on Sunday and join the next crew in Miami on their way to Haiti. I know that at least one of their bags will be close to the 50 lb limit too!

The third leg is coming from Portland, by way of both Newberg and Yakima, WA. Jeff Sutton is joining the rest of the Oregon crew at the airport Sunday afternoon. Annette, Cameron, and Ralph will be meeting him at the airport and flying from PDX to LAX and then on to Miami to meet the crew from AZ and then on to Port au Prince early Monday morning. As far as the wight of their bags, why don't you ask them if you see them in church on Sunday morning (which is when the team that happens to still be in Newberg will be commissioned).

We'll hope to post a team picture once we get everyone together at our final destination on Monday. Again, please pray for the crate to have arrived and be available to us then. It is scheduled to be available on Monday, July 1. That is cutting it very close, especially since two of our tents are in the crate. Most missions trips are both and adventure and opportunity to practice flexibility. This trip promises to be both, even from the outset!

Location:All Parts of the US

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