Friday, June 28, 2013

First Leg of the Journey

Well, the trip went relatively well for the first leg. Delays in both PDX and San Francisco and a brisk walk through the Miami airport at 6am Eastern this morning and right on to the plane to PAP.

The Port au Prince airport has improved over the past year or so such that customs and immigration is now in the airport proper and not in a building about 1/4 mile away to which passengers were bussed upon arrival. Got all of the way through immigration, waited for bags, got the first one, the second one and then nothing. Where did the third bag go? Went to the counter and reported it missing along with about 50 other people. Must have been someone asleep in Miami (how did the other two bags make it on the plane?).

Wonderful seeing Pastor Riccardo and Pastor Bernarde at the airport this morning. Renewed friendships and good fellowship. I get to stay at Pastor Riccardo's house for the next few days until the rest of the gang arrive Monday morning. They might think I am adventurous for doing so as we have always stayed somewhere else in the past. However, much less time driving around and good to hang out in the mornings and evenings.

We went back to the airport and got the third bag (Praise The Lord!) which was relatively easy to do. Good thing it came as it was all of the tools for tomorrow's project. Tomorrow is lots of grease and wrenches and Reghi and I work on installing all of the auto parts that I was able to bring with me. Glad that others are coming and can bring the rest of my clothes for next week's activities!

Location:Port au Prince, HAITI

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