Sunday, June 30, 2013

Final Preparations for the Team

Well, yesterday's car maintenance didn't go as quickly as expected (does it ever) and we found another part broken that we also didn't anticipate. The mechanics came this morning (Sunday) to complete the process after finding a new CV joint and boots for the Pathfinder. That means that we took a tap-tap to church this morning. A tap-tap is local transportation that is usually a small pickup with a canopy and seats along the sides in the bed for people to sit (you tap on the back when you are ready to get out, hence the name). I hadn't done that before so it was a fun experience. This one happens to be operated by one of Pastor Riccardo's cousins so he came to church with us too.

We went to church in Duvivier, which is the church that Pastor Riccardo oversees personally (others are led by pastors that he mentors, much like a bishop would do). We delivered the two guitars that some of men donated to the church and asked that I make a statement about them. They pulled out the bass after the service and started playing with it. This is a significant improvement for them and their desire to worship the Lord.

Speaking of worship, I was asked to preach (as is often expected when we come) so I spoke from Ps. 29 of our awesome and powerful God who we must worship because He is so different than we are. It is fun to point out that we worshipped God together this morning and so did congregations of other believers all around the world.

We topped it all off with a tap-tap ride home and I found out something. Mardochee, Pastor Riccardo's daughters, is afraid of goats. We found out when we had a goat hog tied and placed into the back of the tap-tap with us (it will be dinner for our team later this week). It didn't really like its new situation so it tried to move a bit and afforded an opportunity for a good laugh with the rest of the family!

Today is some final auto parts installation and final preparations for the team to arrive in the morning; they all travel overnight to Miami and fly on the first flight to PAP, arriving around 9am Eastern (you can pray for them to get some rest on the flight). We have another church service tonight at the church at Croix-des-bouquets with Pastor Felbert. I'm looking forward to spending some time with him and seeing his young family again and then seeing the rest of our team arrive in the morning.

Location:Port au Prince, HAITI

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