Monday, May 27, 2013

Heading Back to Haiti

Grace Baptist has another team heading back to Haiti this summer. Specifically, we are traveling June 30 and will be in country through July 7 to with with Pastor Riccardo St. Gelus and his ministry, Haiti Christian Foundation of the Good Seed.

This trip has two particular objectives. First, we will be installing water pipe and an irrigation cistern . Second, we will be holding evangelistic meetings in the evenings in hopes that we will be able to help plant a church by the time we leave. Both projects will be located at the new property that GBC helped purchase last summer (you can see the location, outline, and information about this property via Google Maps).

The irrigation project will involve trenching from the USAID building on the main road to the property and installing a water line connecting their well to the new cistern. We are looking for a swimming pool that we can use as a cistern from which they can distribute water to their crops. Why is this important? Well, first of all, with the planting of crops on the property, the foundation will be able to use the proceeds for ministry operations. Irrigation will help them increase the yield of those crops which means more revenue for the ministry without the need for as much external support. For example, mango trees (this area of the country is known for its good mangoes) will produce one harvest per year based on the annual rainy season. If the trees are irrigated year round, they can produce up to four harvests per year. Big difference, eh?

Second, the vision of the Haiti Christian Foundation of the Good Seed is to provide an association of church planting pastors and leaders who will spread the gospel across Haiti. Much of the NGOs that are providing spiritual and humanitarian aid to the country are primarily resident in the capital city of Port au Prince. While there are millions of people in that city that need the gospel, there are millions more that are largely unreached. Pastor Riccardo and his fellow pastors that he has worked with and trained have already started a number of churches in the Port au Prince area. We will have an opportunity to help plant a church in this new region outside the capital city that has almost no church presence (in fact, it is heavily influenced by voodoo, celebrating an annual voodoo festival nearby at the waterfall in the region for which Saut d'eau gets its name).

Please pray with us for the trip details to come together (including shipping a pallet of supplies to be there when we arrive). Please also pray for our safety and for the spread of the gospel while we are there.

If you are able to contribute financially, feel free to visit the link to the right and contribute via PayPal.

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