Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good Morning, Well it’s the last day. I will be on the plane at 9:00 am tomorrow. Last night’s show was canceled do to weather. The rain washed out the road to Canaan. We were able to go to Pastor Riccardo’s School and show the film to about 40 students. It got to late to finish so we are going back this morning to finish it. Tonight we have are last show, I would tell you where it’s at but I can’t pronounce so I know I can’t spell it. I have talked with a few people that have told me that the kids we did the VBS with this summer talk about it every day, and they can’t wait for us to come back. The work has just begun in Haiti there is still so much to do. I think that when Pastor Riccardo get’s his Property in the Mountain’s with the help of THE JESUS FILM, that is when things will really start to change. Please continue to pray for Pastor Riccardo and his Church. Also please remember to Pray for Pastor Eddy as he prepares to run for President.

God Bless you


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