Saturday, October 8, 2011

Well I finally got internet back with all the power outages.


Greetings from Haiti.

The first show went very well. Pastor Luke took us to his Church. There were about 800 people that should up and around 80 that gave there life to Christ. We were very encouraged considering his Church has a congregation of about 1400 to 1600 weekly. As we go to the more remote areas we are expecting better results. However if it was only one then it was worth the trip!

I’m not the most clever when it comes to technological things so I will do my best to post some pictures. If not then you will have to wait until Pastor can do it when I get home. Pastor Riccardo and his team are learning how to run the equipment very well. They are very excited about moving his Church to the mountains to serve the people of Haiti that can’t get to town. Please continue to pray for a transformation in Haiti.

P.S. The Rooster is gone!!!!!!!! And no I didn’t kill it!!

God bless you all



Well day two started with a three hour bus ride on a wonderful mountain road. By the time we got there I felt like I had been in a fight with 4 men. We were not able to get home in the dark so we spent the night in the mountains at one of Pastor Luke’s Churches. We were lucky and found some really nice air mattress for about $6 each. That 2 inch mattress was great on the concrete slab floor.

The Church holds about 200 people and we had people standing. At the end of the film Chuck asked for everybody to pray with him, about 90% said that either asked Jesus into their life for the first time or rededicated their life to Christ. Then the singing started nonstop for about 30 minuets or so. It was a great victory. I hope this gives you some Idea of how things are going, if you have any specific questions please e-mail me at and I will try and answer them when(if) I have internet service.

God bless and continue praying



Well today was up at 4:00 and on the road by a little after 5. Well, we all found out why the air mattresses were so cheep. I don’t think any of them held air, so it was a sheet and a slab of concrete. Then we enjoyed the ride back down the mountain. Traffic was much better today so we made it back in about 2 hr’s, maybe less. We will have a meeting at 2:00 with some of the Pastor’s from Riccardos Church. So we had some time to take a little nap. Tonight we are going to Duvivier, we are having some transportation problems so pray that works out or me and one other guy will have to stay here.

Blessings Tom

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