Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back to Haiti

Well, this blog has been inactive for awhile (since our trip in July). However, it is time to reactivate it since we have one of our church members, Tom Donaldson, heading back to Haiti to work with Pastor Riccardo and others starting on October 4 (in less than a week).

This trip came about after meeting with someone who is leading a small team of people to Haiti to help show the Jesus Film (by Campus Crusade) and teach Haitians how to show it to their people. The Jesus Film has been an incredibly effective tool, especially in "low tech" cultures, to share the Gospel. In many cases, vast majorities of villages who see the film accept Jesus as Savior. This film has been translated into many different languages (including Haitian Creole) so people can hear the Gospel in their own language (since most of the dialogue is taken directly from the Gospel of Luke).

The team (which is based at Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel in California) hopes to train indigenous pastors and church members on the use of the equipment so they can continue to show the film to other people in their country, especially those in outlying regions, outside the normal reach of missions organizations that are often concentrated in urban areas (which is certainly the case in Port au Prince, Haiti). This vision coincides with that of Pastor Riccardo to take the Gospel to people outside the capital city.

This opportunity just appeared in the last month or so and Tom Donaldson, who had been desiring to return to Haiti after our July trip, was ready and able to go with this Jesus Film team. Tom will be going as a representative of Grace Baptist Church and will be able to assist this team, having direct knowledge of the country and situation from our recent trip (the Jesus Film team was in Haiti in 1999 but things have changed greatly since then). Tom will also be further establishing our relationship with Pastor Riccardo, his family, and people in his churches as well as helping build relationships with other pastors in Port au Prince to help create a supporting network of like-minded pastors.

Tom leaves next week but is still trying to raise funds for this trip. If you are able to contribute to the costs of this trip, feel free to contact GBC or contribute via the PayPal widget on the righthand side of the screen.

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