Friday, July 15, 2011


We are a little behind in our blog updates. The off and on internet service along with our busy days makes it hard to find a good time to post these! So here's the news from yesterday....

WE HAVE WATER!!!!!! After three days of hard work, many trips to the local hardware store (which, by the way, is an experience in itself!), some improvising and lots of sweat, the crew working on Pastor Riccardo's house was able to get the water pump up and running, and they filled a large cistern on top of the house with pure, fresh water. What an exciting moment!

To put it into perspective of what it means not to have running water in this day and age, I'll share my lovely experience from yesterday. Misselaine had Riccardo tell Fawn and I that if we needed to use the bathroom, she would be happy to help us. We waited as long as we could, but finally I had to ask her to show me where to use the bathroom. She reached around the corner of the next room and brought a tin bucket into the doorway. She closed one door, and stood in the other doorway talking to Fawn to keep out any people traffic. It was very humbling to use such a "toilet", much like a chamber pot, and have Misselaine empty it when we were done. Now maybe you can appreciate a little better how wonderful it will be for them to have a toilet, and a sink in the kitchen!

God put together the perfect team for working on this house project. The brains and ingenuity of the team have overcome obstacles, and found ways to work around the underdeveloped Haitian electrical and water systems, and all with great attitudes and good team work.

Riccardo and Misselaine are so grateful for all the help and fellowship we are able to provide - which is only through the grace of God. We praise God for the work we are able to do here, and know that you join us in our praise to God.

~ Carrie

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  1. You are doing great work. It is so easy for me to take for granted what is so lacking there-This morning I took a warm shower ,ran the dishwasher, and did a load of laundry just by turning a faucet or switch. And the kids singing are great too. Carry on--