Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 1 Happenings

Well, here we are on day two. The roosters in the street wake us up around 5:30 and breakfast is at 6:30 We are on the road to our different sites by 7:00.

The sights smells, and sounds as we drive through the city are like nothing I've ever experienced. People crowd the sidewalks and even the streets, selling their wares, just standing around. Garbage burns here and there on the sidewalk, and there are piles of trash everywhere. No fines for littering here! The traffic is NUTS! There are no real rules. Drivers use both sides of the road and even the sidewalks to move through and around traffic. Cars stop in the middle of the road to pick up passengers. Horns honk, motorcycles weave in and out, and it is in general chaotic. I have even closed my eyes a few times as we weave in and out of traffic just inches away from other cars.

We drive by tent cities, people bathing in streams, broken down buildings from the earthquake and many more interesting sights.

Our VBS camps went well yesterday. At one site there were 160 children and at the other there were 100. In all, 21 children prayed to receive Christ yesterday! Praise the Lord! Isn't He amazing?

We take so much for granted. It was amusing to me that we had to show the younger children how to use markers. They didn't know that you need to take the cap off and that once you do, beautiful colors can be brushed onto the little flowers and things on the page. Once they discovered it, their eyes lit up with wonder and away they went, showing us their work and seeking praise. So cute!

The crew working on pastor Riccardo's house spent the day getting organized, finding their tools, and searching the mini Home Depot street markets for pices and parts they didn't bring with them from home. They got started on the water well project. They will be bringing running water into the St. Gelus's house. What a blessing that will be!

Well, we are getting ready to heaad out for day two of ministry. It is such a blessing to be here, and to be the Lord's servants in a land that desperately needs Him. Keep praying for us, that we would be His hands and feet, that we would remain heaalthy and able to do the work God has for us, that our team will continue to be unified, and above all, that we would bring glory to our Lord.

~ Carrie

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