Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Team Unity and Commissioning Sunday

This Sunday is our Commissioning Sunday, and we'd like for you to take part! If you are a part of the body at GBC, we'd be blessed to have you pray with us this Sunday during service (we will be there for both...). If you are not, please pray for us this Sunday as you think of us, and for the mission. Please pray that we as a team give God the glory He deserves!

Regarding our recent Team Retreat, we had a fantastic weekend! God provided a real sense of unity amongst our team members, in a very short time. We had team building exercises, prayer, worship in song, and some great bonding time. This is exciting!!! Thank-you for praying for us.

Headed out to the woods for team building exercises
on a low-ropes course.

Team building exercises - trying to get the whole team across "alligator swamp"
without losing any of our carpet square "stepping stones".

Jeff and Michael doing the two-step?

 Trying to equal the teams' weights on a very shifty balace beam....
made for some good laughs.

Low-ropes course

Some cross-culture classroom training. 

"WHAT are you doing?"

  She-Woman of the Universe (a.k.a. Carrie)

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