Saturday, May 14, 2011

God is Good!

We had a very busy day yesterday. Pastor Riccardo, Pastor Maurenge (like "orange" with an "m" in front of it), and Pastor Ron took the five of us along with Riccardo's son Jerry (Palto's brother) and Reghi (Palto's best friend) to several of the ministries which they operate. We first visited the K-12 school, where we spoke to each of the middle school and high school classes.

We then went to Croix des Bouquet to visit another school overseen by Pastor Riccardo, this one K-6. While there, the guys took measurements for potential building repairs and an add-on. I got to play and sing with a bunch of kids! It was amazing. At one point I was surrounded by 40 kids all singing "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus" at the top of their lungs.

Next, we visited some land that 2nd Patmos Baptist Church has just purchased in order to build a building (really a large tent) for one of the new churches. In addition to relocating the new church to this land, Pastors Riccardo and Maurenge have planned a week long crusade there during the time we are here in July. They want to move the existing church plant at the same time they grow it with the crusade. It will be a week of preaching the Good News and praising Him to all the people of this area. There are several tent cities right near this new land; the fields are white!

After some rest and dinner, we had a team meeting, and were very encouraged. We all spoke candidly about what we've seen and what God is leading us to, and spent time in prayer together. We are continuing to seek God's wisdom and insight as we decide what avenues He wants us to take in order to make disciples here in Haiti.

Today, we will visit the orphanage and then head to Pastor Riccardo's house where his lovely wife, Misselaine, has prepared a goat roast for us. Yum!

Thank-you for praying, please keep on!

Bondye beni ou (God bless you),
Fawn, for Haiti Missions 2011 Team Leaders

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